Rodale Auto Opt-In Email Marketing

I was going through my spam folder the other day and noticed a significant amount of emails from Rodale publications. Most of the emails were promoting products and services from Rodale advertisers or their own products. What was surprising to me was the sheet quantity of emails from titles that I never subscribed too.

My guess is when I registered at their forums at Runner’s World, they auto opted me into all of their promotional (aka spam) lists for their titles.

Clicking on the manage email preferences link at the bottom of one of the emails takes me to a nice screen where I can manage all my preferences.

Rodale SpamalmaThat’s great…However, by my count I am subscribed to 11 “newsletters” that I never wanted or knew I was going to be subscribed to. I’m sure somewhere in the fine print that was a note that I was going to get all this spam, but really, who reads that crap.

Instead of auto-opting me into these lists, why don’t you present me with a screen at signup that will let me choose which publications I want to subscribe. Permission based email marketing, it’s just polite and I don’t wear lingerie.



2013 Eugene Marathon Recap and Review

I wanted to wait a few days after the marathon before I wrote this. A few days turned into a few weeks.

My wife and I headed up to Eugene the Thursday before the marathon to have a short vacation before our respective runs (she was running the half marathon). We had a great couple of days in Eugene just hanging out and relaxing a bit. After the grind of training, it was refreshing to take 2-3 days and do nothing.

Eugene Marathon Expo

We decided to hit the expo on Friday to do packet pickup. The expo had previously been in the Hilton hotel, but was moved this year to the Lane County Fairgrounds. It was a smaller expo but inline with what you would expect for a marathon of this size. Packet pickup was well organized and quick. Typical vendors were at the expo (a few running suppliers, CLIF, Krusteaz (Title Sponsor). They had a large Eugene Marathon banner that all runners could sign. This was going to be sent to Boston.

Eugene-marathon-bannerRace Day

Alarm went off at 4:45, but I was already awake. I didn’t want to be this guy. After having my cereal and english muffin with some peanut butter, we headed down to the fairgrounds to pickup the shuttle that would take us to the starting line. Shuttle ride was quick and painless and we arrived about 15 minutes before the 7 AM start.

I quickly found my starting corral and made my way towards the front. Double checked all my gear and waited for the start.

The gun went off a few minutes after 7 and we were on our way.

My goal was to run the first few miles a little slower (8:10-8:30 range), then aim for even splits the remaining portion of the race (7:50-8:10). Right out of the gate, my heart rate was elevated from where it had been during training. This should have been my first sign to slow down. I kept telling myself that it was just nerves and it would level out after a few miles, but it never did. I was about 165 bpm most of the day, way too high for me.

The first 5-6 miles are on residential streets and was pretty congested. I  hung with the 3:35 pace group for that portion, figuring they would be running about the pace I wanted. At about mile 5 I sped up a bit and passed them.

At the half split, I was close to being on target, but could tell I wasn’t going to be able to maintain the effort for another 90+ minutes. My 3:30 goal was not going to happen, but I still kept the effort.

At about mile 19 I started to get some discomfort on the bottom of my foot, another mile in and this had me walking. Between my foot and the effort I expended in the beginning, I had hit the wall and was cooked for the day.

Mile 20-26.2 was a long, painful run-walk. It was bitter to be passed by the 3:35 pace group then the 3:45 pace group.

I ended up crossing the finish line at 3:52:59, about a 40 minute improvement from my Portland Marathon time. Not bad for 6 months between the two events.

This was also a great learning experience for me. Couple of items I took away.

1. Adjust my pace early

2. I probably should have walked or slowed waaaay down in the beginning for a few minutes to see if my heart rate would level out.

3. Should I have DNF’d? Not sure on this one

I’m still unable to run. Yesterday was two weeks from the marathon and I tried running, was able to get a half mile in before the same pain came right back. I am going to make an appointment with a podiatrist today and see if they can tell me what may be going on.

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 9.02.21 AM

Eugene Marathon Course

This is a flat course. The first portion is all residential and the second half is along a bike path, that is all concrete. The residential section was congested (would be nice if they cleared parked cars), but it thinned out after the half marathon group split off from the full. I don’t think I would be a good judge of the second half of the course, I wasn’t really paying much attention to my surroundings.

Overall I am glad I ran it, was a great learning experience and a course that I don’t feel the need to run again.

RunKeeper log of Eugene Marathon

4 Days and counting for Eugene Marathon

I’ve been slacking on the posts lately. I have been a little distracted doing a major remodel of our motorhome and just haven’t had the time to write anything. I’m also tapering so there just hasn’t been a whole lot to say at this point.

It’s now 4 days until Eugene and the nerves are starting to kick in. I had some major back and forth regarding my pacing strategy and setting my goal time until I spoke with someone on Monday.  Before the meeting I had two time goals, 3:45 and 3:30. Big difference in strategies for those and knew I needed to commit to one. I came away from the meeting with a goal of finishing in 3:30. Looking at some of my training runs and past performances, he thought that it was in the realm of possibility to hit it. I have no idea if i’ll be able to sustain an 8 min mile pace for 3:30, but at least I feel like i’m setting an ambitious goal and will leave it all out there come Sunday.

I also got some great news last week. I made it in to the Mckenzie River 50K run. Was very excited to get that news. There were almost 400 entries for 200 spots, so everyone had about a 50% chance of making it in. I’ll need to figure out training schedule for that. Between the amount of camping we are doing this summer and other runs, it may be hard to get some of the longer runs in. I’m approaching it with the frame of mind of just finishing it and having a good time, no real time goals in mind.

Hydration pack or no Hydration Pack for the Marathon?

This is another item that i’m having second thoughts on. I typically run with my Nathan Hydration pack for my longer runs. It’s comfortable and holds everything I need to be self supporting for a long run. I wore it during the Portland Marathon and enjoyed having the freedom to pass the really busy water stations and just drink whenever I was thirsty. The weight is the downside.

It’s a little too late in the game to be changing anything up, so I think i’m just going to fill it part way and go with it.

Yosemite in August

I woke up early April 15th and was able to reserve a camping spot in the Yosemite Valley for a week in August. They normally sell out in a matter of seconds, so I feel lucky to have reserved one. Summer trips to Yosemite as a kid is one of my favorite memories. Looking forward to being able to pass some of that along to our son, hopefully he will enjoy it as much as I did. Also looking forward to maybe getting in some great hill workouts while there 🙂

Week 12 Eugene Marathon Training Wrap Up

I’m officially on the taper after last week’s long run! Was a great week to end on. Had a good 20 mile run on Friday and finished the week just over 50 miles in total, a first for me.

I had originally planned to run a flat course for the long run, but just wasn’t inspired to pick a flat stretch of road to run on. Ended up doing a typical loop that had about 1000 ft of elevation gain. I was able to average a 8:40 pace for the run and had a few miles in the 8:00 range.

My starting goal at the first of the year was a sub 4 hour marathon. I think that would be doable considering some of the performances I’ve had on my longer training runs and how I’ve felt.  Using the McMillian Running Calculator and my recent 1:45 half marathon time, it says I should be in the 3:40 range, which is right in the ballpark of where I think I could be. I’m struggling between the fear of crashing and burning at mile 22 and ensuring I put in a solid effort. I suppose you only get that from experience.

Unless something changes, I’m going to pace myself for a 3:40 finish time for the first half (8:25 pace), then adjust accordingly for the second half, with a goal time of 3:45 (will allow a 5 minute drop for the second half).

McKenzie River 50K

I registered this week for the McKenzie River 50k. It’s a lottery to get in, so will know in another week. This would be my first 50K. This is a month prior to the Portland marathon, which I am also considering for this year, this would fit in as a great long run training run for that.

Links for the week

Create your custom energy bars

Running Knee Injuries and How To Tell The Difference

Kids explain trail running.

Silver Falls Trail Run – Trail of 10 Waterfalls

This past week, I spent a few nights at the Silver Falls Campground. This gave me an opportunity to run the Trail of 10 Waterfalls trail. It’s a 9 mile out and back trail that features 10 waterfalls and some amazing scenery.

It was a slow run, lots of elevation (about 2,000 ft in total), and several starts and stops to check out the falls.

I started the run at the campground area which is about 1 mile from the official trailhead. Once at the South Falls trailhead, you drop into the canyon and begin the route.  All of the falls are along the main trail with the exception of Winter Falls, that requires a short quarter mile run up a separate trail to see.

One of the most spectacular parts is being able to walk behind North Falls. I made a quick video.

Outside of the main 10 falls, there are several creeks that drain into the canyon. Everywhere you looked, you could see some kind of water falling..Pretty cool.

I’d highly recommend checking out the area if you can.

South Falls - 177 ft.

South Falls – 177 ft.

Lower South Falls - 93 Ft.

Lower South Falls – 93 Ft.

Lower North Falls - 30 Ft.

Lower North Falls – 30 Ft.

Double Falls - 178 Ft.

Double Falls – 178 Ft.

Drake Falls - 27 Ft.

Drake Falls – 27 Ft.

Middle North Falls - 106 Ft.

Middle North Falls – 106 Ft.

Winter Falls - 134 Ft.

Winter Falls – 134 Ft.

Twin Falls - 31 Ft.

Twin Falls – 31 Ft.

North Falls - 136 Ft.

North Falls – 136 Ft.

Upper North Falls - 65 Ft.

Upper North Falls – 65 Ft.