PSA: Sore and Bloody Nipples from Running

I’ve never heard of a medal or award for finishing a run with bloody nipples. There is no badge of honor to be had if you squeal like a pig when you jump in the shower and have steaming water hit those puppies. I know I’m not the only one who experiences this problem, a google search for “bloody nipples from running” returns about 1.8 million pages.

Check out this poor guy while running the Portland Marathon. Holy hell that has to hurt! Bet he can’t wait for that shower.



This really is all unnecessary. A couple of square clear band aids over your mounds will take care of the problem. I pretty much keep a pair on all the time now. If I don’t, I usually remember I didn’t put them on around mile 8 or shower time. Body Glide is worthless in this scenario for me, that lasts until I tie my shoes.

300Some other have reported success with NipGuards. Just doesn’t seem very cost-effective compared to Band-Aid’s. I guess the NipGuards are patented, must mean they are better? Maybe less hair uproots when you take em off. Anyone use em?


Newton Gravity Shoes

Newton Gravity Shoe Review

A few months ago, as part of being a shoe testing guinea pig, I received a free pair of some Newton Gravity Shoes. I’ve put close to 100 miles on them so far and wanted to give a short review on my impression.

Newton Gravity Shoe Review

Newton Gravity Shoes

Newton calls this shoe a “Neutral Performance Trainer”. It offers some support and structure, but a 3mm drop. My Saucony’s are a 4mm drop so this fit right in there with them.

One of Newton’s differentiators is their Action/Reaction technology. These are really a line of “lugs” in the midfoot section of the shoe that are supposed to help you become a midfoot runner, compared to a heel striker. They take some getting used to. You feel a bit like a road cyclist wearing lock in shoes. Once you get past that and start running, you do notice a big difference in where you foot falls.

Newton Midfoot Lugs

Newton Midfoot Lugs

Shoe Fit

These are comfortable shoes! I do not feel any pinch points in them and find the toe box to be plenty wide enough for me. I could almost say it’s too wide. The heel is nice and snug with no movement.


Shoe Stability

This would have to be my biggest complaint on these shoes. For road and even surfaces they perform great. But anything that resembles a trail and I just don’t feel like I have much control. Numerous times I have felt like my ankle wants to roll in them. That being said, these are not advertised as a trail shoe, so I will stick to road only on these.

Shoe Uppers

The uppers breathe really well. Toe box has open mesh which allows dirt and debris to get in, so again, not a shoes that would be appropriate for any kind of trails.

Newton Gravity Front

Newton Gravity Front


My overall impression is that I like them. I will be using these for my tempo and speedwork runs. The retail price is $175, a lot of money for a pair of running shoes. The majority of shoes I have purchased have all been in the $100-$140 range. The durability will determine if these are a good value at this price. My guess is the lugs will flatten out over a short period of time, but we shall see.

Week 5 Marathon Training in the books

I just wrapped up my long run for the week. A 14 mile run that put me at 36 miles for the week. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Sunny, mid 40’s and no wind; a rarity around here for February. I have been very fortunate to get days like this on my long runs; I’ve really only had one day that had me running in the rain/snow/wind, and that wasn’t bad overall.

Awbrey Butte from Tetherow

Awbrey Butte from Tetherow

This was the longest run I’ve been on since completing the Portland Marathon. I felt really good towards the end of the run. Still had some left in the tank and didn’t have the weakness in my hip flexors that I had experienced while training/running Portland. It seems any weak spots become more pronounced on these long training runs. I think this is attributable to a few things:

  • Strength training – I’ve tried to hit the gym twice a week to do a few core workouts and upper body weights.
  • Weight – I have dropped an extra 10 pounds since Portland, while increasing over muscle mass.
  • Harder workouts – Noticing the benefits of hill and speed workout. A hill in the middle of a long run that used to kill me is now not so much of a big deal.
  • Better Form – I have tried to really focus on good form since taking the good form running 2 class.
Snow Covered Cascades

Snow Covered Cascades

Other Items from the Week

Yurbuds update

I’ve now had some time to use the Yurbuds that I received for Christmas. Overall I still like them. After wearing them for a few hours, you will hardly notice they are in your ears, very comfortable. On the downside I am noticing that the sound quality isn’t really there. Yes, they are better than the $8 pair of earbuds, but I kinda expect more from a $30 pair of earbuds, maybe I’m asking too much.

iSmoothRun Sale

iSmoothRun is on sale this week for $1.99, normally $4.99. Here is my review of it.

Max King wins El Cruce

Local trail runner Max King took first place in a three-day stage race that starts in Chile and ends in Argentina, El Cruce. He posted some photos to his facebook page that I think are absolutely amazing. Here is the post-race report from iRunFar that also has some photos.

Next Week

Next week is a repeat of this week with the exception of adding a mile to the long run (15 miles). For the speed workout, I think I’m going to head up to the college and try some 800 intervals on the track.

The Retractable Leash Gauntlet (Rant)

This past weekend we had some great weather which also seems to being everyone and their pets outside to enjoy the sunshine (great for them!). One of the areas that I run quite a bit is a loop along the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District. Great Views, lots of wildlife and a well maintained trail. For those same reasons this also attracts a lot of others.

Where I struggle is the amount of owners that have anywhere from 1-3 dogs all on 75 foot retractable leashes. Just because you have 75 feet (or however many) doesn’t mean you have to give the dog that much! 9 times out of 10, the dog owner also has headphones on so they can’t hear you coming up behind them. For the love of god, please reel in the leash to a more manageable length so people can get by you!

Maybe I should practice hurdles.

Simple, rudimentary drawing


Long Run, Bad Religion and Blue Skies

What a great day for a long run. Blue Skies, 50 degrees, no wind. On the schedule today was a 12 mile run, the furthest I have ran in a while. I did some hill running yesterday so was curious how my legs would hold up today on a hilly long run. Was quite happy with the performance and was able to bust out some splits at tempo pace for mile 10 and 11 ~ 8:00 miles.

Old Mill Foot Bridge

Old Mill Foot Bridge

Bad Religion released a new album a few weeks ago and I hadn’t had the opportunity to give it a thorough listen, so I tossed it on the phone and went at it. If you are a Bad Religion fan, you know that they don’t change it up much, which I like because they are great as-is, True North is your typical BR album, a little on the short end (16 tracks averaging 2 minutes or so). But still a great album.

bad religion

View of Cascade Mountains

View of Cascade Mountains

Drake Park - Downtown Bend

Drake Park – Downtown Bend