Becoming a leaner runner

This past week or two i’ve started to see my goal weight on the scale. Which I am absolutely amazed and proud of. I’ve lost over 50 pounds in the past 5 years, and 28 of that coming in the prior 12 months. I hear folks say to not get too tied to the number and I try not to, but it’s a benchmark of general health for me and something I need to continually be aware of.

What i’ve been focusing and educating myself on more recently is how to become  leaner. I don’t know what percentage of body fat I have now (wouldn’t mind finding out) but know i’m still carrying some extra pounds around my waist that is excess fat. I would mind trading in some of that for additional muscle in other places. While keeping my overall weight about the same.

Over the past 12 months i’ve been trying to run about a 500 calorie deficit in my diet on a daily basis, this works out to be approximately 1 pound a week of weight loss. I’ve obviously not been too strict on that, but it was a good guideline that was reasonable within my lifestyle.

Changes in Food

My first priority is to start to eat more, you can’t build muscle while still in a calorie deficit. For now i’ve modified my plan to be around a 250 calorie deficit for a few weeks while I try to get some other things put in place (diet/training).

The other change i’ve made it to be more aware of how my calories are consumed. I’m adjusting my carb/fat/protein ratios so I am eating a little less fat and more protein. I’m currently at a 50% Carbs, 20% Fat, 30% Protein. Which works out to about

  • 198 Grams of Carbs
  • 35 Grams of Fat
  • 119 Grams of Protein

The two items in my diet I’m trying to focus on the most is reducing my saturated fat intake (dairy, animal products), and reducing refined sugar intake. The sugar is pretty easy, the saturated fat, not so much. I love cheese and meat.

My wife is a vegetarian and over the years she has made countless meatless dishes that you really couldn’t even tell were meatless. The fake chicken and ground beef soy products are also great alternatives when you feel like you need some substance.

I don’t plan on denying myself a nice steak every once in a while, but just trying to reduce my overall intake is what’s important to me.


This week was the first week to start the Eugene Marathon training. I will be running 5 days per week, and average about 35 miles per week and peak around 45 miles per week. My goal is to incorporate two lifting days per week.

One day will be on a day that I have an easy run (Probably Monday) and another lifting day will be when i’m off completely (Wednesday). That would still leave me with a Saturday completely off and active 6 days per week. I can live with that

The two lifting days will be split between upper body and lower body workouts. I still am researching exactly what lifts should be done. I am currently doing some lifting, but without any kind of plan or record keeping. My goal is to do as much with free weights as possible, this will help develop surrounding muscles from the main muscle you are working on at the time.

Once I get the strength training plan figure out, I will post it up.