How the Man Show saved my life

OK, so saving my life may be a bit of a stretch, but at least one skit from the show had a significant impact on my life today.

If you don’t know what the Man Show was, it was a 30 minute comedy show hosted by Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel. The show was a collection of random skits all geared towards men. One skit in season 2 was called the Man Show Diet. View it below

When I made the decision to drop some weight, I did what probably every person does in a similar situation. I started to google things like “best way to lose weight”. There are so many systems, kits, plans, books and gimmicks out there. We like to find shortcuts. For some reason, the Man Show Diet always stuck in my head. It is simple, it is the truth and it works for the long term.

I’m sure there may be some solid science behind the diet systems out there (maybe not, I don’t care really), Paleo, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Medifast, Juicing blah blah blah and I’m sure you can lose weight if you stick to the plans. My biggest problem was I ate way too much of everything; carbs, sugar, fat, proteins, well maybe not fruits and veggies.

What I lacked was education. I had to start at the beginning and learn some basics. There is a lot to learn, I took small steps and made incremental changes. Here were my 3 steps to dropping weight.

  1. Use a calculator to figure out how many calories you should be eating
  2. Measure/weigh what you eat – I could not visually connect what 1 serving of a particular food looked like. I still weight some items to check myself.
  3. Record everything you eat – Be honest here, was that really 4 ounces of steak or 6? See step 2

If the sum of the calories you have at the end of the day in step 3 is less than step 1, congratulations! you have a calorie deficit and will lose weight. It takes a deficit of approximately 500 calories per day to lose 1 pound in a week.

Don’t forget to add back in your exercise calories. Most (All?) gym machines over estimate your calorie burn (The ellipticals are the biggest offenders here!!!). A heart rate monitor can help you get a better idea of how many calories you burn for a cardio workout (they don’t work for strength exercises).

That is how I got my start. Counting calories only. I didn’t look at any macro nutrients, just calories..It had to be simple and it had to give me the flexibility to still eat what I wanted to eat.