Looking back, looking forward

New Years Eve is always a good time for some reflection and projecting into the future for me. I’ve never been much into the “resolutions”, those life changing dedications that will flip your world upside down tomorrow morning. For me, those types of drastic changes rarely hold because there is no plan, they are just hopes and usually are so unrealistic that I can become disenchanted and give up by the second day.

However, last year around this time I had a few things in my life that I wanted to change. I wanted to:

  • Quit Dipping Tobacco
  • Hit the 140 weight mark I set for myself in 2008 (Was 165 at the beginning of last year)
  • Start exercising again
  • Get back into school

I’m glad to say that I have been able to meet or exceed all of these goals. In the past 12 months, I have:

  • About a year off of chewing tobacco (the hardest thing I’ve done in my life)
  • Hit 140 pounds and been able to maintain that range
  • Ran over 900 miles, completed my first half and full marathon
  • Completed 27 college credits with a ~3.8 GPA

Some of my goals were pretty specific, others were more broad. This worked for me. Quitting tobacco and losing weight at the same time was pretty dang hard, you typically want to eat more when you are in nicotine withdrawal  So, instead of eating, I would exercise. It was a great combination to work on 3 things at once. Was hard mentally at times, and I became short with my family, but I knew that would be a temporary inconvenience for a lifelong freedom from tobacco.

On the college front. I never went to college out of high school, went directly to work. The past few years I have been taking classes at our local community college to slowly work on my AA degree. I had quit taking classes around 2010 and never got back into them. Bottomline was I just needed to get my ass back in school and register for a class. Enough said.

Looking forward

Looking towards 2013, it is more of the same for me. I don’t want to lose the momentum I gained in 2012 and improve where I can. For 2013 my current goals are:

  • Run a sub 4 marathon (Eugene April?)
  • Run 1500 Miles
  • Take at least 1 college class per term
  • Maintain weight around 140, but focus more on a leaner body composition
  • Take 1 or 2 family trips in the motorhome this summer

I think all of these are easily attainable, they will just require some focus, knowledge and priority in my life.

2012 was a great year for us and I feel incredibly lucky to have the people in my life that we do.

Happy New Year!