Book Review – Scott Jurek: Eat and Run

eatandrunA few weeks ago I finished up reading Scott Jurek: Eat and Run. For those that don’t know Scott is one of the most accomplished ultrarunners in the world. He has won the Western States several times and has a slew of other wins and course records to his name. He is also a pretty outspoken vegan and lays a lot of his success to his diet.

His book starts with this childhood and the relationship he had with his parents. His mother suffered with MS for most of his life and his relationship with his father was detached. Running for him became a way to overcome some of the challenges in his life.

The book is a blow by blow of some of his highs and lows throughout his childhood and running career. Intermixed with the stories is some commentary about the vegan lifestyle and the process he went through to find a diet that worked for him.

Overall I thought this was a good read. Some of the vegan recipes in the book looked interesting as a non-vegetarian, but more importantly is got me thinking about my own diet and how it can impact my running performance and my overall quality of life. I have no intentions of switching to a vegan diet, but I will probably be making some different decisions because of this.

I did feel that the book could have used another round of edits, at times, he would be in the middle of telling a story then go off on a 6 page rant about the western diet, only to come back to the story right where he left off. A bit hard to follow.

Towards they end, it did get a bit monotonus, felt like the same story was being told over and over.

I’d give it a solid B. The recipes and training tips at the end of each chapter were great to have and can spark some questions about your own diet perhaps.