Week 7 Marathon Training Wrap Up

Completed my long run yesterday for the week (17.5 miles, about 40 for the week). Felt pretty good with how I felt towards the end and the overall performance. I am coming down with a cold and was struggling to get out the door. All I really wanted to do was go back to bed and sleep. I told myself to get out and at least run for a few miles, if I still felt like crap I could call it a day and reschedule the long run. Well, a few miles in I figured I might as well get it out of the way. Some days are like that, just trudge through it. You always feel better at the end.

I ended up hitting a bit of unfamiliar trails during the run and got a tad lost. A little bushwacking and off trail running later, I was back on my familiar route. It was a good way to mix it up a little…On the upside I ran into a heard of about 9 deer, we scared the crap out of each other I think.


Deschutes River

Veterans Memorial

There is a Veterans Memorial in Bend that is at the base of the Veterans bridge. I run by this a lot. Most of the time I will stop to catch my breath, take a minute to take in the view and give thanks to those that have sacrificed everything.

Bend Veterans Memorial

Bend Veterans Memorial



First Responders

First Responders


Last Sunday was the Pennywise concert. Had a great time, Lagwagon was one of the opening acts, another of my favorite bands. We arrived a little early and snagged some excellent spots in the balcony to the side of the stage. I must be getting old because I did bring some earplugs.






Advanced Marathon Training Book

I picked up a copy of this and am finding it a good read. I’m not in a position to use any of the training plans right now (Minimum starts at 55 miles per week), but maybe for a fall marathon (Portland again perhaps). They do a great job of explaining the different aspects of what it takes to improve your marathon performance (Lactate Threshold, VO2 Max, Endurance, Speed, Form, Nutrition). The training plans are broken up into Mesocycles, each a few weeks and are focused on improving each facet of your running. Some weeks are more tempo runs (improving lactate threshold), others include strides and intervals to improve form and speed.

I’ll do a more detailed review when I finish it up.

Advanced Marathon Training

Advanced Marathon Training

Other tidbits from the week

Plantar Fasciitis – Misunderstandings Corrected

The Top 5 Hip Strengthening Exercises

Interviewer Sets World Record for Worst Mo Farah Interview (I feel bad for her, kinda)


How the Man Show saved my life

OK, so saving my life may be a bit of a stretch, but at least one skit from the show had a significant impact on my life today.

If you don’t know what the Man Show was, it was a 30 minute comedy show hosted by Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel. The show was a collection of random skits all geared towards men. One skit in season 2 was called the Man Show Diet. View it below

When I made the decision to drop some weight, I did what probably every person does in a similar situation. I started to google things like “best way to lose weight”. There are so many systems, kits, plans, books and gimmicks out there. We like to find shortcuts. For some reason, the Man Show Diet always stuck in my head. It is simple, it is the truth and it works for the long term.

I’m sure there may be some solid science behind the diet systems out there (maybe not, I don’t care really), Paleo, Atkins, Jenny Craig, Medifast, Juicing blah blah blah and I’m sure you can lose weight if you stick to the plans. My biggest problem was I ate way too much of everything; carbs, sugar, fat, proteins, well maybe not fruits and veggies.

What I lacked was education. I had to start at the beginning and learn some basics. There is a lot to learn, I took small steps and made incremental changes. Here were my 3 steps to dropping weight.

  1. Use a calculator to figure out how many calories you should be eating
  2. Measure/weigh what you eat – I could not visually connect what 1 serving of a particular food looked like. I still weight some items to check myself.
  3. Record everything you eat – Be honest here, was that really 4 ounces of steak or 6? See step 2

If the sum of the calories you have at the end of the day in step 3 is less than step 1, congratulations! you have a calorie deficit and will lose weight. It takes a deficit of approximately 500 calories per day to lose 1 pound in a week.

Don’t forget to add back in your exercise calories. Most (All?) gym machines over estimate your calorie burn (The ellipticals are the biggest offenders here!!!). A heart rate monitor can help you get a better idea of how many calories you burn for a cardio workout (they don’t work for strength exercises).

That is how I got my start. Counting calories only. I didn’t look at any macro nutrients, just calories..It had to be simple and it had to give me the flexibility to still eat what I wanted to eat.

Week 6 Marathon Training Wrap up

Got done with my long run for the week a few hours ago. This was a tough one. Originally had planned to do about 15 miles, didn’t preplan my route and it ended being 16.5. The distance wasn’t the big deal, but the last 6 miles I had some significant wind in my face. It was discouraging to be pushing it pretty hard then look down and realize I was going about 10:30 a mile. I had also decided around mile 6 to run up  a pretty significant hill to the top of Awbrey Butte, that put some wear on my legs.. On the upside, I’m physically feeling good, just tired.

View of Bend from top of Awbrey Butte

View of Bend from top of Awbrey Butte

Pennywise coming to Bend

Two of my all time favorite bands are coming to Bend this weekend. Pennywise and Lagwagon. I’ve spent many hours running to both of these bands. I used today’s long run to cycle through a few of their best albums. I use my long runs as an opportunity to listen to complete albums from beginning to end. With some artists, I think its better to listen to a complete album beginning to end., Tool comes to mind. They are still holding out on iTunes for that reason.


Pennywise Tickets

Not your bitch anymore


Can o’ Cope on my run

Its been a little over a year since I quit dipping tobacco. Running in Bend, I see a lot of discarded Copenhagen and Kodiak cans on the side of the road. When I see one, I’m reminded of how much of a slave I was to it. Aside from the many health risks, it had negative implications in all aspects of my life; Financial, relationship and social. I’m grateful today that It’s not part of my life. I still smoke cigars from time to time, but that’s a different post.

Other Items from the Week

Pronation Appreciation: Myth Busting For Runners

How to Get Faster with Interval Training

Hydrosleeve: Hands-Free Hydration for your Upper Arm

PSA: Sore and Bloody Nipples from Running

I’ve never heard of a medal or award for finishing a run with bloody nipples. There is no badge of honor to be had if you squeal like a pig when you jump in the shower and have steaming water hit those puppies. I know I’m not the only one who experiences this problem, a google search for “bloody nipples from running” returns about 1.8 million pages.

Check out this poor guy while running the Portland Marathon. Holy hell that has to hurt! Bet he can’t wait for that shower.



This really is all unnecessary. A couple of square clear band aids over your mounds will take care of the problem. I pretty much keep a pair on all the time now. If I don’t, I usually remember I didn’t put them on around mile 8 or shower time. Body Glide is worthless in this scenario for me, that lasts until I tie my shoes.

300Some other have reported success with NipGuards. Just doesn’t seem very cost-effective compared to Band-Aid’s. I guess the NipGuards are patented, must mean they are better? Maybe less hair uproots when you take em off. Anyone use em?


Newton Gravity Shoes

Newton Gravity Shoe Review

A few months ago, as part of being a shoe testing guinea pig, I received a free pair of some Newton Gravity Shoes. I’ve put close to 100 miles on them so far and wanted to give a short review on my impression.

Newton Gravity Shoe Review

Newton Gravity Shoes

Newton calls this shoe a “Neutral Performance Trainer”. It offers some support and structure, but a 3mm drop. My Saucony’s are a 4mm drop so this fit right in there with them.

One of Newton’s differentiators is their Action/Reaction technology. These are really a line of “lugs” in the midfoot section of the shoe that are supposed to help you become a midfoot runner, compared to a heel striker. They take some getting used to. You feel a bit like a road cyclist wearing lock in shoes. Once you get past that and start running, you do notice a big difference in where you foot falls.

Newton Midfoot Lugs

Newton Midfoot Lugs

Shoe Fit

These are comfortable shoes! I do not feel any pinch points in them and find the toe box to be plenty wide enough for me. I could almost say it’s too wide. The heel is nice and snug with no movement.


Shoe Stability

This would have to be my biggest complaint on these shoes. For road and even surfaces they perform great. But anything that resembles a trail and I just don’t feel like I have much control. Numerous times I have felt like my ankle wants to roll in them. That being said, these are not advertised as a trail shoe, so I will stick to road only on these.

Shoe Uppers

The uppers breathe really well. Toe box has open mesh which allows dirt and debris to get in, so again, not a shoes that would be appropriate for any kind of trails.

Newton Gravity Front

Newton Gravity Front


My overall impression is that I like them. I will be using these for my tempo and speedwork runs. The retail price is $175, a lot of money for a pair of running shoes. The majority of shoes I have purchased have all been in the $100-$140 range. The durability will determine if these are a good value at this price. My guess is the lugs will flatten out over a short period of time, but we shall see.