Week 5 Marathon Training in the books

I just wrapped up my long run for the week. A 14 mile run that put me at 36 miles for the week. I couldn’t have asked for better weather. Sunny, mid 40’s and no wind; a rarity around here for February. I have been very fortunate to get days like this on my long runs; I’ve really only had one day that had me running in the rain/snow/wind, and that wasn’t bad overall.

Awbrey Butte from Tetherow

Awbrey Butte from Tetherow

This was the longest run I’ve been on since completing the Portland Marathon. I felt really good towards the end of the run. Still had some left in the tank and didn’t have the weakness in my hip flexors that I had experienced while training/running Portland. It seems any weak spots become more pronounced on these long training runs. I think this is attributable to a few things:

  • Strength training – I’ve tried to hit the gym twice a week to do a few core workouts and upper body weights.
  • Weight – I have dropped an extra 10 pounds since Portland, while increasing over muscle mass.
  • Harder workouts – Noticing the benefits of hill and speed workout. A hill in the middle of a long run that used to kill me is now not so much of a big deal.
  • Better Form – I have tried to really focus on good form since taking the good form running 2 class.
Snow Covered Cascades

Snow Covered Cascades

Other Items from the Week

Yurbuds update

I’ve now had some time to use the Yurbuds that I received for Christmas. Overall I still like them. After wearing them for a few hours, you will hardly notice they are in your ears, very comfortable. On the downside I am noticing that the sound quality isn’t really there. Yes, they are better than the $8 pair of earbuds, but I kinda expect more from a $30 pair of earbuds, maybe I’m asking too much.

iSmoothRun Sale

iSmoothRun is on sale this week for $1.99, normally $4.99. Here is my review of it.

Max King wins El Cruce

Local trail runner Max King took first place in a three-day stage race that starts in Chile and ends in Argentina, El Cruce. He posted some photos to his facebook page that I think are absolutely amazing. Here is the post-race report from iRunFar that also has some photos.

Next Week

Next week is a repeat of this week with the exception of adding a mile to the long run (15 miles). For the speed workout, I think I’m going to head up to the college and try some 800 intervals on the track.

Plain Non Fat Greek Yogurt

I’ve been eating a lot of plain non-fat greek yogurt lately. This is a good option while i’m trying to increase my overall protein intake, but keep fat intake lower. It’s a great substitute for sour cream or as a base in a breakfast bowl with some oatmeal, almonds and blueberries. The tangy flavor took a little getting used to but you can help that with a bit of fruit. You can also increase the protein content by adding a half photo-1or full scoop of protein powder and mix it in (Vanilla flavored is a good option), this also helps with the tangy flavor.

If you opt for a flavored variety, be sure to check the sugar content, I was amazed to see some had upwards of 20 grams of sugar.

1 cup of plain non-fat greek yogurt provides about

  • 150 calories
  • 23 grams of protein
  • 0 grams of fat
  • 9 grams of sugar
  • 340 milligrams of potassium
  • 25% of your RDI of Calcium

The Retractable Leash Gauntlet (Rant)

This past weekend we had some great weather which also seems to being everyone and their pets outside to enjoy the sunshine (great for them!). One of the areas that I run quite a bit is a loop along the Deschutes River in the Old Mill District. Great Views, lots of wildlife and a well maintained trail. For those same reasons this also attracts a lot of others.

Where I struggle is the amount of owners that have anywhere from 1-3 dogs all on 75 foot retractable leashes. Just because you have 75 feet (or however many) doesn’t mean you have to give the dog that much! 9 times out of 10, the dog owner also has headphones on so they can’t hear you coming up behind them. For the love of god, please reel in the leash to a more manageable length so people can get by you!

Maybe I should practice hurdles.

Simple, rudimentary drawing


Long Run, Bad Religion and Blue Skies

What a great day for a long run. Blue Skies, 50 degrees, no wind. On the schedule today was a 12 mile run, the furthest I have ran in a while. I did some hill running yesterday so was curious how my legs would hold up today on a hilly long run. Was quite happy with the performance and was able to bust out some splits at tempo pace for mile 10 and 11 ~ 8:00 miles.

Old Mill Foot Bridge

Old Mill Foot Bridge

Bad Religion released a new album a few weeks ago and I hadn’t had the opportunity to give it a thorough listen, so I tossed it on the phone and went at it. If you are a Bad Religion fan, you know that they don’t change it up much, which I like because they are great as-is, True North is your typical BR album, a little on the short end (16 tracks averaging 2 minutes or so). But still a great album.

bad religion

View of Cascade Mountains

View of Cascade Mountains

Drake Park - Downtown Bend

Drake Park – Downtown Bend


Saucony Running Shoes Reviewed


I’m not a shoe junkie by any means, compared to what i’ve witnessed in other people. I don’t have wallets deep enough to try various brands and styles of shoes. Like most things, I find a brand that seems to deliver a great consistent product at a reasonable price and I will be a customer for life. I’m pretty brand loyal. Saucony is one of those companies for me. I’ve gone through a several pairs of a few different styles from them and they never seem to disappoint.

Saucony Kinvara3 (Right) Cortana 2 (Left)

Saucony Kinvara3 (Right) Cortana 2 (Left)


I switch off between two models for the most part, the Saucony Cortana and the Saucony Kinvara 3. Both of these are a 4mm drop shoe that I would consider are a hybrid shoes (can be trail or road shoe)

I use the Kinvara for shorter runs (less than 6 miles usually), they are light, have a tight feel to my foot but can get a little tight for me in the forefoot area. On longer runs as my foot swells a bit more, I can really start to notice it.

The Cortana’s I use for longer runs, it has the same 4mm drop as the Kinvara’s but has a bit more padding overall and a roomier forefront. The Corana’s have won several awards from running magazines and seems to be well received by anyone that puts them on.

I was getting serious painful callouses on the side of my bit toe, but those seem to have gone away since i’ve started using the Cortana’s for my long runs.

Both shoes work well for me on both trail and road. I’d recommend either of these to someone looking to try a new shoe.

Saucony Durability

If I had one complaint about both of these shoes it would be the durability. They seem to start to break apart rather easily. On my current Kinvaras I have about 200 miles on them, but already had some tears along the side. My older Cortana’s I have almost 400 miles and they are also tearing. I don’t feel like i’m particularly rough on my shoes, mostly road or non-technical trails. Perhaps there is something mechanical about my running that is causing it, but both shoes are breaking down in different areas, so not sure.

Saucony Kinvara3 Tearing

Saucony Kinvara3 Tearing

Saucony Cortana Tearing

Saucony Cortana Tearing