Being an injured runner sucks

It’s been about 3 weeks since the Eugene Marathon and I’m still struggling with pain in my left foot. At first I thought it may have been a stress fracture, but am now leaning towards peroneal tendonitis. From what I have read; pain from a stress fracture would be more towards my toes and not in my heel/anklebone area.

I’ve tested it on the treadmill every few days and it seems to slowly be getting better. Yesterday I ran outside, was able to get about 2 miles before the pain came back.

I have an appt with a podiatrist on Friday to hopefully get a firm diagnosis and to be told (I’m assuming) no running for 6 weeks. 6 weeks seems to be the standard healing time for any soft tissue repair.

I had to cancel my pacing duties for the Happy Girls Half marathon for this weekend and I’m going to guess that the Dirty Half will also be off the table for me. If it were a road half, there may be a possibility, anything with an uneven surface causes a lot of pain (another reason why I think it’s the Peroneal).

Sooooo, I’m left with doing some stationary bike at the gym, some light eliptical and some swimming. Not the ideal situation, but also out of my control.

The most difficult aspect is thinking I’m going to lose any gains I have made over the past several months. I know logically that there will be some hit, but the fear that I’m going to be starting back like it was day 1 is not real.

Until I can get back to running, I am trying to enjoy the break; catch up on some stuff around the house and wrap up the remodel we have worked on in the motorhome.