Day after Thanksgiving McKenzie River Run

What better way to work off those mashed potatoes, pie, turkey and gravy than to go for a long run? That’s what I thought as well.

We had a kid free Friday, so I made the suggestion to my wife that we take the 90 minute drive and head over to Belknap Hot Springs, run for a bit along the McKenzie River Trail, then spend some time soaking in the springs.

Belknap Hot Springs

This was my first time running on the trail, and I have to say, I can’t wait till I can go back and run the whole thing (about 26 miles). It’s one of the most beautiful trails I have ever been on. Even had thoughts of perhaps doing the annual 50k McKenzie River Trail Race.

Trail Conditions

The trail is mostly single track and used heavily by mountain bikers during the summer, but this time of year we had it all to ourselves. There are several stream crossings with bridges and some smaller creeks you need to jump across.

Bridge Crossing

I ended up running about 12 miles and my wife turned around a bit before me to do a 8 mile out and back. Couldn’t think of a better way to spend the day after Thanksgiving. Perfect weather, trail and finish!

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