Ladder workout

Last night I went to the weekly Tuesday Performance Group workout that is hosted by our local FootZone.

It’s a great opportunity to try some different kinds of workouts, and Max King is the coach. He has such a broad depth of knowledge and his willingness to share makes it a great resource for a runner like myself. The skill range varies greatly, but everyone is supportive of each other regardless of speeds. We are all there with the same goal, to get a little faster.

This weeks workout was a ladder workout.

  • 650m 1 minute rest
  • 1100m 2 minute rest
  • 1.4 Miles 3 minute rest
  • 1100m 2 minute rest
  • 650m finish

Here is my garmin connect for the run (for some reason, runkeeper did not import Heart Rate information fully)

Was a great workout and something I probably wouldn’t have done on my own. Good thing today is rest day, i’m a bit sore.