Long Slow Distance by Heart Rate

I’ve come to the conclusion that I run my LSD’s (Long Slow Distances) too dang fast. I start with every intention of doing a 10-11 minute mile, but somewhere around mile 2 my pride and fresh legs begin to creep up the intensity and speed.

Before the end of the run I’m averaging 8:45 miles and my heart rate is in the 160’s. Way too much intensity for what the run is supposed to be. The entire point of the LSD’s is to get  your body accustomed to burning fat for fuel (aerobic zones) and overall time on your feet, it’s not supposed to be intense or hard. Slow and easy is the key.

My last few runs i’ve changed up a few things. First, I turn off all audible announcements from ismooth run. I don’t get any pace or overall timing information. Second, I have a heart rate screen on my garmin that gives me 1 piece of information, you guessed it heart rate.

Now on these runs my goal is to not go above 140 BPM. I try to stay in the 130 range. I don’t even look at pace. As my aerobic capacity improves I should start to see an increased pace and the same intensity.