The past due update post

I just noticed that its been over 2 months since my last entry. Between summer activities and getting my legs back under me, I just haven’t been too much into writing. So here is a quick update.


In June I started to pickup my running after feeling like my foot injury was starting to heal. I started with relatively lower miles and took a few weeks to build up to some longer 6-8 mile runs. Everything felt pretty good so I outlined my 50k Mckenzie River and Portland Marathon training plans.

The plan I outlined was based off of the Advanced Marathoning book. It was just too ambitious for where I was at in my running. I was really surprised at how quickly I lost my fitness. The plan immediately went out the window and I just focused on trying to build up my base again. 4-5 runs per week and be in the 30-40 miles per week range. Last thing I want is to injure my foot again.

First week of August was the Cascade Lakes Relay. My wife and I co-captained this year and had a great experience again. I am in awe at how organized and smooth everything runs for this event. The race organizers do a great job considering the amount of moving parts and volunteers involved.

2013 We Thought They Said Rum

2013 We Thought They Said Rum

In less than two weeks I have my first 50k. The Mckenzie River 50k. I am still undecided how much of this I’m going to run. My longest training run so far was last weekend at a little over 15 miles. This weekend I’m shooting for 20. If that goes well, I am going to just plan on run/walking the entire course. I’ll have to be smart and just start really slow and take it easy. It’s a beautiful course and a tough race to get into (Lottery to get in), so i’d really like to complete the whole thing.

Greek Lakes Trail Run

Greek Lakes Trail Run

After the Mckenzie River, I signed up for the Portland Marathon again. I’ve been hesitant to do any speedwork recently, for fear of injuring myself again, so my goal for Portland will probably just be a sub 4 hour but try to run consistent splits and not blow up at the end.

I signed my wife and I up to the Silver Falls Half Marathon. This is a very popular half marathon that sold out in less than 10 minutes this year. The course is the similar course I did this spring at the Silver Falls State Park.


I’ve  have let myself go a bit this summer. I was around 126 pounds for the Eugene Marathon and am now around 136. 10 pounds in a few months was hard to accept.  I continued to eat like I was running 40-50 miles per week when I wasn’t. I’ve recommitted myself to get back on the wagon and start tracking again with MyFitness Pal and drop some of those extra pounds I have put on. I also need to start getting into the gym a few days a week for some weights, that has also fallen off.

I think at some point in the year, we all need to take a break from whatever we are passionate about. An opportunity to recharge and recommit ourselves to the goals we have set out. June/July was it for me.