PSA: Sore and Bloody Nipples from Running

I’ve never heard of a medal or award for finishing a run with bloody nipples. There is no badge of honor to be had if you squeal like a pig when you jump in the shower and have steaming water hit those puppies. I know I’m not the only one who experiences this problem, a google search for “bloody nipples from running” returns about 1.8 million pages.

Check out this poor guy while running the Portland Marathon. Holy hell that has to hurt! Bet he can’t wait for that shower.



This really is all unnecessary. A couple of square clear band aids over your mounds will take care of the problem. I pretty much keep a pair on all the time now. If I don’t, I usually remember I didn’t put them on around mile 8 or shower time. Body Glide is worthless in this scenario for me, that lasts until I tie my shoes.

300Some other have reported success with NipGuards. Just doesn’t seem very cost-effective compared to Band-Aid’s. I guess the NipGuards are patented, must mean they are better? Maybe less hair uproots when you take em off. Anyone use em?