Taper madness: Keeping my sanity

Before I started running longer distances, I just assumed the most difficult aspect of the entire training and racing cycle would  be the actual race or the amount of miles that are required to be ran before race day. Turns out I was dead wrong.

The taper has turned out the be the most mentally and physically exhausting part of the cycle for me.

The reduction in mileage and intensity can really play tricks on my mental well-being. Running is as much a mental health activity as a physical activity for me. It gives me an opportunity to unplug from other aspects of my life and process things without outside distractions. I do some of my best thinking while running.

At the peak of the training cycle, I run between 6-8 hours per week. Last week I ran 4 hours total and this week will probably be 2-3 hours. Add in the additional anxiety of the actual race (I haven’t done this enough to NOT be anxious about all the choices that need to be made), it leaves me a little scatter brained.

4 more days until the Portland Marathon…

Any tips for keeping internal peace the week prior to raceday?