The Color Run

So The Color Run has been spamming the shit out of my facebook wall recently with sponsored posts. They have been promoting pre-registration for a run here in Central Oregon.. After clicking on the link to pre-register, you need to specify what city you are pre-registering for..Guess what? No city is listed for Central Oregon. The closest match was Portland some 180 Miles. Boneheads.the-color-run

I don’t quite no what to think of these events. I’m not one to bash something that someone else is passionate about, but there is just something about these that seems off to me.

These events have a very corporate feel to them, the sheer amount of events in the various cities has got to be logistically a nightmare. They claim a portion of their proceeds go to a local charity. Portion…who knows how much that is exactly. This guy did a good write-up on that.

These runs are not inexpensive for a 5k. $45-55. I’d expect to pay that for a half marathon, not a 5k (most actually aren’t a 5k, nor are they timed). I guess you are paying extra to have people throw shit at you while you run? Doesn’t sound like much fun to me, but whatever floats your boat.

Maybe I am fortunate to live in an area where there are plenty of local 5K events that are managed by local race directors that give a significant portion of their proceeds to a local charity. I’d much rather spend my money on those kinds of events.

Has anyone participated in one of these? Did you enjoy it? Well organized?