Week 6 Marathon Training Wrap up

Got done with my long run for the week a few hours ago. This was a tough one. Originally had planned to do about 15 miles, didn’t preplan my route and it ended being 16.5. The distance wasn’t the big deal, but the last 6 miles I had some significant wind in my face. It was discouraging to be pushing it pretty hard then look down and realize I was going about 10:30 a mile. I had also decided around mile 6 to run up  a pretty significant hill to the top of Awbrey Butte, that put some wear on my legs.. On the upside, I’m physically feeling good, just tired.

View of Bend from top of Awbrey Butte

View of Bend from top of Awbrey Butte

Pennywise coming to Bend

Two of my all time favorite bands are coming to Bend this weekend. Pennywise and Lagwagon. I’ve spent many hours running to both of these bands. I used today’s long run to cycle through a few of their best albums. I use my long runs as an opportunity to listen to complete albums from beginning to end. With some artists, I think its better to listen to a complete album beginning to end., Tool comes to mind. They are still holding out on iTunes for that reason.


Pennywise Tickets

Not your bitch anymore


Can o’ Cope on my run

Its been a little over a year since I quit dipping tobacco. Running in Bend, I see a lot of discarded Copenhagen and Kodiak cans on the side of the road. When I see one, I’m reminded of how much of a slave I was to it. Aside from the many health risks, it had negative implications in all aspects of my life; Financial, relationship and social. I’m grateful today that It’s not part of my life. I still smoke cigars from time to time, but that’s a different post.

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