Week 8 Eugene Marathon Training Wrap Up

Tumalo State Park

Tumalo State Park

Little late getting this weeks wrap up done. Was tired from Friday’s long run and spent some time yesterday getting the motor home ready for a quick trip over to Belknap Hot Springs  that we are doing in a couple of weeks.

Long run on Friday was a mix of everything; Snow, sun, cold and hot. Typical Central Oregon weather. I mapped out a new route that took more to the north side of town, through Tumalo State Park and looped back to home. The route didn’t seem to have much elevation gain on paper but ended being about 1100 feet in total gain over the 18 miles. Average pace was about 9:15 per mile, a little too fast for what my long runs should be, so I need to keep it slower on those. On the week I had about 45 total miles.

This upcoming week is a recovery week. Approximately 36 miles with a half marathon long run Friday. The plan originally called for it to be a race, but I couldn’t find any races this weekend, so I’m just going to find a 13 mile relatively flat route and run it with a medium to hard effort. My hope is to use this as a base to calculate my goal pace for the Eugene Marathon. A good rule of thumb I have read it to take your half marathon time, double it and add 6 minutes to calculate your full marathon time. I set out with the goal of a sub 4 hour marathon (9:09 pace), but feel like I can maybe squeak out a 3:45 to 3:50 time.

Also this week is a treadmill challenge put on by FootZone. They put a call out for runners to take part so I threw my hat in the ring. Format is two runners go head to head on a treadmill set to a 15 incline for 10 minutes. Runners can control the speed. Whoever goes the furthest in the 10 minutes is the winner. I’m a little out of my league on this one, there are some great ultra runners in Bend, but what the heck. I was told it should be fun.

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