Week 9 Eugene Marathon Training Wrap Up

9 weeks down, 6 more to go. Week 9 was a bit of a recovery week. Overall mileage was down to about 35 miles, but I did have a hard effort on the long run. My plan originally called for running a half marathon race this week, but I couldn’t find anything near me to run, so I just ran a half with a hard effort. I was pleased with the results. I was able to eek out a 1:45 at ~8:00 miles. I know it wasn’t a race, but this was a PB for me (previous last November was 1:54). It’s good to see some of the hard workouts paying off.

This week was also the Treadmill Challenge down at FootZone. This was my first time doing a treadmill challenge and it was HARD. The format is; two runners go head to head. Treadmills are set to a 15% incline, runners control the speed. Person to go the furthest in 10 minutes is the winner. I came up short on my race; don’t recall exactly how far I ran, I think it was .79 miles. The overall winner ran 1.1 miles (9:30 miles? crazy). 15% incline doesn’t seem like a lot or look like a lot, but it’s a significant amount. I am glad that is over.

188913_10152144973743912_1656918552_nI’m not sure if it’s the additional hill work or the speed workout from last week, but my achilles has been giving me some pain. I ended up doing a slow 3 mile workout yesterday with a friend and still had some discomfort. Today, I was able to do a 8 mile run at a relaxed pace with no pain. I think I have a tendency to be overly sensitive to aches and assume it’s the worse case scenario. I am going to back off the mileage and intensity a bit this week to be sure it isn’t anything like Achilles Tendonitis starting up. From what I have read, it can be very difficult to eliminate it once you have it.

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