iSmoothRun iPhone App Review - Running Digest

There are quite a few options for apps that track your runs. I’ve tried a few out but usually found something lacking with them, until I came across iSmoothRun at the beginning of last year.

Most of the apps out there do the basics just fine, track your location, mileage, pace and will upload to a fitness site. What attracted me to iSmooth Run were a few killer features, which I will highlight below.

1. Ability to Export to Multiple Sites

iSmooth Run Export

iSmooth Run Export

I hate being locked into one fitness site. Runkeeper does a fabulous job for me right now, but who knows what the future may bring. I also like to have my data pushed to Garmin Connect and on dailymile. iSmooth Run will allow me to export to all those sites and more with no additional work on my end. Just tell it what sites you belong to, enter your login credentials and bam, it’s done.  They also have the ability to export a raw gpx file to your email or dropbox folder so you can bulk import to whatever you may want in the future.

iSmooth Run will export to the following sites

  • Runkeeper
  • Garmin Connect
  • Daily Mile
  • Running Free Online
  • TrainingPeaks
  • TribeSports
  • Strava
  • Nike+
  • 2PEAK
  • Drop Box
  • Email
  • Facebook
  • Twitter


2. Built in Metronome

ismoothrun Metronome Settings

Metronome Settings

iSmoothRun has the ability to overlay a metronome sound over your music. You set the cadence (I’ll either do 180 or 90), turn it on and start your run. Having that playing through my earphones allows me to check my cadence to try and help my overall form. It’s easy to turn on and off mid run so you don’t have to do your entire run listening to it (i’ve been known to just leave it on).




3. Custom Interval Workouts

ismoothrun Custom Workouts

Custom Workouts

You can literally program any kind of workout you want. The interface can be a little confusing, but once you get the hang of it, you really see how powerful it is. I like to have interval tempo runs setup. You can choose to keep the audio cues on so it will give you feedback on wether you need to speed up or slow down, depending on where you are in the workout.




4. Shoe Tracking

iSmoothRun Shoe Tracking

iSmooth Run Shoe Tracking

I cycle through 3-4 different pairs of shoes depending on weather, trail/road or how I feel. iSmooth Run will track the mileage i’ve put on my shoes. Great to know when it’s time to cycle one out of the rotation and get a new pair.

5. Responsive Developers

They continue to develop, and improve this app and are very responsive to requests from users.

iSmoothRun Limitations

Here are a few areas where I feel the app can come up lacking at times.

  1. Treadmill tracking – Using the built in accelerometer, iSmoothRun attempts to track your runs on the treadmill, most the time it is way off. It will connect to a shoe sensor via an ANT+ dongle, so there is that option.
  2. Manual Entry – There is no way to manually enter an activity. that would be nice to input a treadmill run.

It’s $4.99 currently, and think it’s one of the best running apps i’ve ever used. There are several other small nice things it offers (switches to accelerometer automatically if it looses GPS signal). Check other reviews and give it a shot!