Rodale Auto Opt-In Email Marketing

I was going through my spam folder the other day and noticed a significant amount of emails from Rodale publications. Most of the emails were promoting products and services from Rodale advertisers or their own products. What was surprising to me was the sheet quantity of emails from titles that I never subscribed too.

My guess is when I registered at their forums at Runner’s World, they auto opted me into all of their promotional (aka spam) lists for their titles.

Clicking on the manage email preferences link at the bottom of one of the emails takes me to a nice screen where I can manage all my preferences.

Rodale SpamalmaThat’s great…However, by my count I am subscribed to 11 “newsletters” that I never wanted or knew I was going to be subscribed to. I’m sure somewhere in the fine print that was a note that I was going to get all this spam, but really, who reads that crap.

Instead of auto-opting me into these lists, why don’t you present me with a screen at signup that will let me choose which publications I want to subscribe. Permission based email marketing, it’s just polite and I don’t wear lingerie.