yurbuds review

A few weeks ago, fleet feet was doing a “guys night out”, so Owen and I went down to join in some raffles, equipment demos, Monday Night Football and an opportunity to take a photo with an authentic leg lamp (who wouldn’t want to miss out on that).

Owen with Leg Lamp

Owen with Leg Lamp

One of the reps that was there was a yurbud rep. It was great timing for me since i’ve been having problems with my current cheapo headphones popping out during my runs (been wearing a cap during winter, think it’s causing me to sweat more). Anyway, once the rep sized me, I popped in a pair in and immediately forgot I had headphones in. It’s an odd sensation. They don’t stay in place by jamming them in your ear canal, rather the wedge and “lock” into the ear itself.

My wife purchased some for me for Christmas, so I’ve had an opportunity to get a few workouts when them and so far i’m impressed. The sound quality is much better compared to what I was using before. Ambient noise can still be heard which is important when running on the roads, but the sound quality doesn’t seem to suffer for that.

I’ve only worn them for a total of a few hours, but already I can tell these will be my go to headphones from now on. I don’t experience any tenderness in my ear after a workout like I did with traditional earbuds.

My only complaints so far is the cord seems to like to tangle itself (I guess the Ironman edition comes with a cloth cord that reduces tangling). The other issue is the rubber boot seems to attract a lot of dirt and debris, so frequent cleaning will probably be needed.

They aren’t the most inexpensive headphones either, base model is $30 and the ironman edition is I think $50, which includes the cloth cable and a variety of sizing boots. The rep said the audio driver in the headphones was identical between the various editions, so sound quality should be identical.

I will be sure to update this after I’ve had an opportunity to run more using these.