Week 12 Eugene Marathon Training Wrap Up

I’m officially on the taper after last week’s long run! Was a great week to end on. Had a good 20 mile run on Friday and finished the week just over 50 miles in total, a first for me.

I had originally planned to run a flat course for the long run, but just wasn’t inspired to pick a flat stretch of road to run on. Ended up doing a typical loop that had about 1000 ft of elevation gain. I was able to average a 8:40 pace for the run and had a few miles in the 8:00 range.

My starting goal at the first of the year was a sub 4 hour marathon. I think that would be doable considering some of the performances I’ve had on my longer training runs and how I’ve felt.  Using the McMillian Running Calculator and my recent 1:45 half marathon time, it says I should be in the 3:40 range, which is right in the ballpark of where I think I could be. I’m struggling between the fear of crashing and burning at mile 22 and ensuring I put in a solid effort. I suppose you only get that from experience.

Unless something changes, I’m going to pace myself for a 3:40 finish time for the first half (8:25 pace), then adjust accordingly for the second half, with a goal time of 3:45 (will allow a 5 minute drop for the second half).

McKenzie River 50K

I registered this week for the McKenzie River 50k. It’s a lottery to get in, so will know in another week. This would be my first 50K. This is a month prior to the Portland marathon, which I am also considering for this year, this would fit in as a great long run training run for that.

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